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    • Pretty good! Working on today's update! Be sure you check it out on the forums and discord!
    • Rarity Common

      Rune Platelegs
      Black Platelegs
      Bronze Platelegs
      Mithril Platelegs
      Adamant Platelegs
      Ghostly Boots
      Ghostly Robe Top
      Ghostly Robe Botom
      Ghostly Hood
      Ghostly Gloves
      Ghostly Cape
      Ring of Recoil
      Rune Platebody
      10K Coins
      Black Platebody
      Adamant Platebody
      Mithril Platebody
      Loop half of key
      Rune Scimitar
      Monkfish (100)
      Adamant Scimitar
      Staff of Air
      Staff of Water
      Staff of Earth
      Staff of Fire
      Mithril Scimitar
      Black Scimitar
      Steel Scimitar
      Iron Scimitar
      Rock-Shell Helm
      Rock-Shell Platebody
      Rock-Shell Platelegs
      Spined Helm
      Spined Bodu
      Spined Chaped
      Spined Boots
      Spined Gloves
      Skeletal Helm
      Bronze Scimitar
      Rune 2h
      Adamant 2h
      Mithril 2h
      Prince Leggings
      Snakesin Body
      Snakeskin chaps
      Snakeskin bandana
      Snakeskin boots
      Snakeskin Vamvraces
      Rune Knife P++
      Iron Dagger P++
      Dragon Bones (10)
      Lederhosen Shorts
      Raw Pheasant
      Amulet of Strength
      Amulet of Magic
      Amulet of Defence
      Amulet of Power
      Amulet of Glory
      Bones (50)
      Strength Potion(4) (20)
      Restore Potion (4) (20)
      Adamant Boots
      Mithril Boots
      Black Boots
      Steel Boots
      Iron Boots
      Dragon Dagger
      Defence Potion (3)
      Cooked Karambwan (100)
      Rock-Shell Platelegs
      Tooth Half of Key

      Rarity Uncommon

      Rubber Chicken
      Dragon Scimitar
      Magic Shortbow
      Super Strength(3) (25)
      Super Defence(3) (25)
      Super Attack(3) (25)
      Prayer Potion(3) (25)
      Dragon Bones (50)
      Magic Longbow
      Rune Boots
      Druid's Robe
      Dragon Dagger p++
      Obsidian Cape
      Mystic Hat
      Mystic Robe Top
      Mystic Robe Bottom
      Mystic Gloves
      Mystic Boots
      Mystic Hat (Black)
      Mystic Robe Top (Black)
      Mystic Robe Bottom (Black)
      Mystic Gloves (Black)
      Mystic Boots (Black)
      Ancient Staff
      Toktz-xil-ul (200)
      Dark Crab (100)
      Shark (100)
      Shield Right Half
      Iban's Staff
      Prayer Potion (3) (20)
      Unfinished Broad Bolts (100)
      100k Coins

      Rarity Rare

      Rubber Chicken
      Crystal Key (10)
      Berserker Helm
      Warrior Helm
      Farseer Helm
      Onyx Neckless
      Ring of Wealth
      Ruby Bolt (e) (50)
      Dragon Bolt (e) (50)
      Onyx Bolt (e) (50)
      Dragon Arrow (50)
      New Crystal Bow
      BabyDragon Bones (100)
      Granite Maul
      Dragon Boots
      Shield Left Half
      250K Coins
      Mystery Box
      Godsword Shard 1
    • Love this idea! I'll go ahead and discuss this with Jovanni!
    • Would like to see a boss drop collection log like they have on OSRS to just have a way to see what items you have / have not yet gotten from a boss.